Ryan Simas - Executive Chef

As executive chef, Ryan Simas oversees the development and execution of the Farallon menu, which changes daily based on the freshest and best quality ingredients available.

While an undergraduate student in Southern California, Ryan decided to try his hand at cooking classes at the Westlake Culinary Institute, the Los Angeles area's popular professional cooking school program. After the first class, he knew he had discovered something that he enjoyed immensely and that provided an exceptionally fulfilling means of expressing his creativity. A similar revelation marked his first day at a coveted job at Checkers Restaurant (former home of French Laundry founder Chef Thomas Keller).  Ryan was hooked – he realized that food was his passion and cooking his calling.

Ryan quickly rose from prep cook to line cook at Checkers.  From Checkers, he went on to Spago, Wolfgang Puck's famous West Hollywood eatery, where he started on the line and was soon promoted to sous chef.  As his talents in the kitchen -- as well as his management skills -- became obvious at Spago, Ryan was given a wide variety of increasingly important responsibilities, including developing the daily specials, running the pastry department, training new cooks, and overseeing the daily catering needs for the Hollywood Squares – all while managing a staff of 20 and serving as many as 350 meals every evening.

In 2002, Ryan moved north to San Francisco and joined Farallon as a sous chef.  Working with founding chef and co-owner Mark Franz and executive chef Parke Ulrich, Ryan’s passion soon became focused on the restaurant's award-winning seafood preparations.

In his current role as chef de cuisine, Ryan works with Franz to create the daily menu, showcasing the finest and freshest seafood available through unique and classic creations that utilize the best of the Bay Area's seasonally fresh ingredients.